One of the main focuses School of Coding has is the sustainability of the planet. Sustainability is fundamental to the survival of our planet as well as ourselves. It is important as polluted land, air and water will severely affect our quality of life and the ability of larger societies and the local communities to thrive. School of Coding protects the environment as we have been actively focusing on reducing our plastic usage including the use of single-use plastic, recycling and using less energy in the office in efforts to integrate sustainability considerations into all our business decisions.


Heritage is a person’s uniqueness and inherited sense of identity: the values, traditions, culture and artefacts handed down from previous generations. We recognise the importance of heritage as it gives an individual a sense of singular and communal identity. School of Coding focuses on running projects around BAME communities to ensure that they have an equal chance of finding work opportunities as we believe it’s crucial that everyone is seen for their talent regardless of their background, socioeconomics status and beliefs.


Digitalization has allowed School of Coding to improve the quality of their education through techniques such as online classes. School of Coding provides education using digitalization to give their students transferable skills which will provide them with equal opportunities as to be successful in the workplace of the future, people will need to have the right digital education. This will give those who are unemployed the chance to learn new skills and be able to be at the same levels as those around them.