Training in digital skills including; how to create CVs and cover letters, to enable those who lack these crucial employability skills to develop a highly vital skill set and be able to apply for suitable job roles with a better success rate.

Under 25’s

Training in coding, game creation, web development, cybersecurity, for those who are unable to access training in these lucrative fields due to lack of resources.

Disadvantaged women

Provide digital skills training to women to empower them to be independent, giving them the tools to access quality work. 

Ethnic Minorities

Digital skills training for ethnic minorities where English is not their first language.

Educational rehabilitation

Helping ex-offenders, those who have suffered from long term illnesses and drug/alcohol misuse, retrain and allow them to contribute to society and boost the economy.

Underprivileged children

Providing vital, life-enhancing education to those children who come from underprivileged backgrounds and wouldn’t normally have access to such education.